Off Season 

My body has changed a lot in the past two months. I’ve gained 9 lbs since my half IronMan. I’ve lost some definition in my belly and arms. 

But I expected that. 

It’s off season. 

I’m not spending 15 to 20 hours a week working out. 

I’m not spending every Sunday on a long bike ride. 

I’m not spending lunch breaks or dinners away, swimming 80 laps in a pool. 

I am, however, laying on the couch more. 

Drinking more wine. 

Watching more Netflix.

Going on more weekend road trips. 

Eating more carbs. Wait, I never stopped eating carbs.

I don’t spend all day logging every mile or calorie. 

But I am still working out 3-4 times a week. I love my personal trainer at Anytime Fitness!! 

(See above picture – messy hair and an exhausted smile to prove a killer workout tonight). 

But this is off season. 

I am accepting of this body. 

I am accepting of this extra “free time.” 

And I am confident that I will return to my triathlon training stronger than ever in January. 

Until then, I am okay with being a little extra squisher. 

Justin snapped the picture below when I was walking outside. The picture is a perfect representation of my off season bod! A body that I still love and appreciate. A body that is still strong. 

I originally thought I would dive straight into training again. I planned on doing a half marathon this November and going for a PR! 

But darn it – I needed a break. Big time. 

And I am perfectly happy taking it easy for awhile. 

So, what’s your favorite Netflix show? I’ll add it to my list. 

Much love, 


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