A Letter to My Son: Month 11

Dear Cooper, 11 months old! How is this possible? It seems like just yesterday I was 40.5 weeks pregnant with you. I was waddling around the neighborhood, eating spicy foods, and bouncing on an exercise ball in hopes I'd meet you soon! Now, here you are - filling out lives with such joy, love, laughter, … Continue reading A Letter to My Son: Month 11

A Letter to My Son: Month 10

Dear Cooper, I have a secret. Well, maybe not a secret. I'd say this is more of an imagination talent that I learned at a young age. I pick a sunny day when the temperature is just right. You know, not too hot that you'll have pit stains just from walking to the mail box. … Continue reading A Letter to My Son: Month 10

My First Mother’s Day

I'm laying in bed wearing an oversized T-shirt. My hair looks like I stuck my fingers in an electrical socket. And my house is a disaster. Toys, socks,  clothes, shoes, and pacifiers decorate my floor. I could have cleaned before bed last night, but honestly - I was hooked on this Dateline show. Despite knowing … Continue reading My First Mother’s Day

A Letter to My Son: Month 5

Dear Cooper, Can you believe that I've known you since you were a five week old embryo? Your father and I first visited the doctors office, eager to confirm our exciting news. Was I officially pregnant? When I saw you on the big screen at our ultrasound appointment, you were a little teenie tiny spec. … Continue reading A Letter to My Son: Month 5

A New Year, A New Blog

I once read that the most successful blogs have a theme. A constant drumbeat of stories that connect people together. By focusing on a particular topic, readers know what to expect. They can quickly decide if your stories (and life) are worth following. Motherhood has changed me for the best. It's so true that you … Continue reading A New Year, A New Blog