Everyone Has to Be a Newbie

When was the last time you did something new? Do you remember how you felt leading up to that new adventure, activity, or challenge? You probably went through a roller coaster of emotions. The excitement. The nerves. The worries. The fears. The hopes. How did you feel talking those first few steps? And more importantly, … Continue reading Everyone Has to Be a Newbie

Are You Giving Up?

"Are you giving up?" Justin asked me as we cleaned out our closet. I was putting piles and piles of clothes into the Goodwill box. "I'll never fit into those skinny jeans again," I said. "And my arms are too fat for this shirt." This was about two months ago. Before I found myself again. … Continue reading Are You Giving Up?

One Week Can Make a Big Difference

You'll have bad days. Days that seem to last forever. Days when you eat everything that comes into your path! Days when you feel too tired- too weak - to burnt out. Days when the last place you want go is the gym. Days when you are so tired that you could sleep under your … Continue reading One Week Can Make a Big Difference